Protect Yourself from Bad Vibes with The Evil Eye

Protect Yourself from Bad Vibes with The Evil Eye

When you first hear the term “evil eye,” you may assume it’s something to avoid. While the name doesn’t conjure up the warm and fuzzies, the evil eye was actually created for protection against curses. Displaying the symbol repels any ill will, bad luck, or malicious spirits.

The evil eye dates back over 5,000 years and has been used across numerous cultures to ward off misfortune. In Turkey, the birthplace of our Founder, the evil eye, known as Nazar Boncuk, has a long history and remains a powerful emblem, even today. 

What Is the Evil Eye?

The evil eye has adopted various shapes and designs over the centuries; however, in Turkey, it most frequently appears as four concentric circles, with the outside being dark blue, transitioning to white, then sky blue, and finally black in the center. The design represents the envious look of those who would do you harm and offers protection by absorbing or repelling the bad energies cast in the wearer’s direction.

The blue has significance as it indicates spiritual protection. Historically, blue has represented both water and heaven, making the color sacred and divine.

Commonly crafted as a glass bead and used in jewelry, you’ll also see the evil eye represented in kilim rugs using three common motifs:

  • Haç: Appears as a cross, intended to divide the evil eye into four pieces, weakening its power.
  • Çengal: Appears as a hook, meant to destroy the evil eye.
  • Göz: Appears as a diamond, symbolizing the human eye averting a hostile gaze. 

How to Use the Evil Eye

If you travel to Turkey, you’ll be met by the gaze of the evil eye in most places you go, available for purchase and its primary intent - protection. 

While it’s acceptable to buy yourself an evil eye, it’s most effective when given by someone with pure intentions, such as a grandmother to her newborn grandchild.

If your evil eye talisman breaks, there’s no need to fret. You haven’t been cursed. On the contrary, this means the amulet has done its job and saved you from misfortune. In these cases, the evil eye should be replaced promptly to ensure continued protection.

Where to Display Your Evil Eye

Whether displayed as a wall hanging or charm, the evil eye can protect you in several ways, but its power varies depending on where and how it's positioned. 

  • Place an evil eye in the entry of your home or windows to prevent negative energy from entering.
  • Display an evil eye talisman opposite your guests in a living room to create a neutral space. 
  • Keep a talisman in your office to prevent hostility in the workplace. 
  • Hang an evil eye from a rearview mirror to protect you during your travels.
  • Keep an evil eye in your garden so your plants will flourish.
  • Wear your evil eye as jewelry. Your left side is linked to emotions, so wear it on this side to protect elements of your personal life. The right side is more analytical, so wear it on this side for support of material objects, such as money and your work. 

Keep the Good Vibes with Your Own Evil Eye

If you have any jealous acquaintances, sketchy neighbors, or tend to attract bad luck, it may be time to consider displaying your own evil eye. The Elevated Abode has curated a collection of Turkish evil eye wall décor, from classic glass beads to intricate filigree designs. These talismans offer protection while adding character to your space. 

Browse our collection of authentic Turkish rugs and textiles to find motifs of protection throughout - whether in area rugs that fill a space or repurposed into one-of-a-kind items, such as table runners and pillows.  

Keep your space safe and beautiful with The Elevated Abode.

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