Elevate Your Home with Cotton Linens

Elevate Your Home with Cotton Linens

If you were to stroll through a Turkish bazaar (or Pazar as it's known in Turkey), each of your senses would be engaged. From the delicious smell of local teas and spices to the bold colors of kilim rugs to oh-so-soft Turkish cotton throws, blankets, and towels.

This unique form of cotton is one of many notable items the country has come to be known for – and for good reason. The soft, absorbent, and luxurious material is recognized as one of the highest-quality cottons in the world. 

So, what makes it so exceptional? Let's explore!

What Is Turkish Cotton?

Turkish cotton is a long-fiber cotton that grows exclusively in the country's warm climate and fertile soil. While its popularity continues to grow in the U.S., it has been a cornerstone of Turkish culture and economy since at least 400 A.D. 

Since the conditions to grow the plant are so critical, Turkey has only three cotton-producing regions - the Aegean region in the west, Çukurova in the south, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

Denizli, located in Western Anatolia, is a province in Turkey known for its textile industry. It's become a hub for home textile production and manufacturing, and it's one of the go-to markets for The Elevated Abode when sourcing high-quality products.

Benefits of Turkish Cotton

The long fiber of Turkish cotton is why the textile has such an incredible reputation. Longer fibers have fewer edges when woven into a fabric, resulting in stronger and softer material. While thread count has come to be known as an indicator of quality, for Turkish cotton, the excellence comes from the fiber itself. 

There are numerous benefits to choosing Turkish cotton textiles:

  • They're incredibly durable, making them less likely to fray, pill, or fade.
  • They're plush and absorbent, meaning they dry more quickly than other forms of cotton.
  • Since Turkish cotton dries quickly, it's less likely to hold moisture and breed mildew or bacteria. 
  • The flat weave of the fabric creates thinner products, making them easy to store and perfect for travel.
  • Turkish cotton becomes softer with each use, rather than rough or threadbare like alternative options.
  • Turkish cotton is sustainable and eco-friendly since no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or used in the growing process.

Best Uses for Turkish Throw Blankets & Towels

Turkish cotton is an incredible textile, making it highly versatile. Some of our favorite uses for Turkish towels are drying dishes or cleaning up in the kitchen. They're a sleek alternative to terry cloth hand and bath towels, and an ideal choice for your next pool day.  

Turkish cotton throw blankets are cozy and stylish. In addition to snuggling up on the couch, they make sophisticated accent pieces. Whether used to add dimensions to your bedding or draped over the back of your sofa, they instantly add character and elevate a space.  

They're also great for picnics or outdoor events since they're easy to fold and transport. 

How to Wash Turkish Cotton

Turkish cotton is easy to care for, but there are a few best practices to ensure your linens last as long as possible. 

Machine wash your textiles in cool water with a mild detergent, then hang them to dry or tumble dry on low. We recommend using wool dryer balls rather than dryer sheets if drying in a machine. Dryer balls are a chemical-free alternative that reduces drying time and helps your linens maintain their absorbency. 

It's also important to avoid bleaching your Turkish cotton to maintain its softness and functionality.

Wrap Yourself in Turkish Cotton

It's no mistake that Turkish cotton is in demand. The people of Turkey have perfected the cultivation and production for thousands of years, earning it the reputation of a high-quality, luxury product. 

Are you ready to upgrade to Turkish cotton towels and blankets? The Elevated Abode has a selection of authentic and beautiful textiles without the high price tag. 

Browse our Turkish throws, blankets, and towels to find the newest piece for your one-of-a-kind home.

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