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We are passionate about beautiful and unique items, particularly those carefully crafted by artisans to tell a story. We recognize there are individuals of all ages who share a passion for these one-of-a-kind pieces. We want to make owning vintage, authentic Turkish rugs, and décor possible - without breaking the bank.

Our founder wanted to share the beauty and culture of her ancestors by making genuine Turkish rugs available to those with the same respect and interest in these items. With that, The Elevated Abode was born.

Authentically Crafted & Sourced

Our sourcing team at The Elevated Abode traveled and cultivated relationships with a network of artisans and local vendors that allow us to salvage and curate our collection of rugs and décor. We partner with the sources that utilize wool and organic vegetable dye to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind hand-knotted rugs.

Since our selection is built on our personal international relationships, we can offer the highest quality at the most competitive prices.


Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Piece

Our close relationships allow us to curate specific items. If you are looking for a particular size, color, or pattern not already available on our site, we can source a rug that meets your needs. Email us at and ​​let us find the perfect piece.


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