Albie Vintage Rug Pillow Cover
Albie Vintage Rug Pillow Cover
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Albie Vintage Rug Pillow Cover

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Our pillows are made out of salvaged rugs. These additional accessories are created when a full rug is no longer usable, so our artisans salvage pieces of the rug to create decorative accents. These pillows are heavier than a normal throw pillow due to the origin of the textile front. Please note that these pillows are decorative only and not intended for laying on or sleeping.

Vintage Old Kilim Pillow

Dimensions: 20” x 20”

Colors: Deep Peach, Red, Navy, Peach, Indigo, Maroon, Grey, Mint, Chartreuse, Light Lime, Beige

Details: All items ship as is without a pillow insert. Vintage rug textile front; khaki cotton blend backing with zipper enclosure

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