Vintage Rug/Leather Coaster Set No. 1
Vintage Rug/Leather Coaster Set No. 1
Vintage Rug/Leather Coaster Set No. 1
The Elevated Abode

Vintage Rug/Leather Coaster Set No. 1

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Elevate your tablescape while protecting your counters and tabletops from spills and stains with a stylish coaster that adds both form and function. These coasters are made from salvaged vintage Turkish rugs. These additional accessories are created when a full rug is no longer usable, so our artisans salvage pieces of the rug to create decorative accents. Each piece is one-of-a-kind and has a genuine leather edge and backing for a finished look.

Dimensions: 4.7" or 12 cm

Colors: Lime, Mauve, Blush, Tan, Beige, and Light Brown

Details: All items ship as is. Rug textile front; sand beige genuine leather backing. Sold as a set of 4

Age-related wear and patina are considered normal in these unique, handwoven vintage rug coasters. Colors may vary.

Some logos may not be stamped perfectly straight since these pieces are hand-stamped by artisans. We consider these characteristics as part of what makes them unique.

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